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400 Inspirational ‘Make My Day’ Life Quotations and Life Tips VIDEO

Here on the video below you will find a small sample of the Life Quotes and Life Tips featured in my latest book published by Authorhouse. The book is available on, all Amazon sites worldwide including,,,, etc also Barnes & and many leading bookshops and libraries.

There is a free Smartphone App for the people who purchase the book and there will also be some free videos available featuring positive images, words (like affirmations) and music. We hope you enjoy the videos and that they contribute to improving your day


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Life Quotations that Inspire Your Day

When you want to be inspired how about a regular daily ‘fix’ of a quote a day to help boost and inspire your day? In order to have the benefit of something so positive to give you that extra lift you need a reliable and sustainable source for you to be able to depend on. Having now written thousands of quotes I can be certainly relied on as a regular source to provide that daily positive survival link.

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The quality of the quote is significant and the category it addresses. If the quotes provided cover a wide variety of topics then that has to be a good thing – would you not agree? I cover many different topics and have successfully completed my first book, which has been professionally published by Authorhouse. In my first book “400 Inspirational ‘Make My Day’ Life Quotations and Life Tips” I cover 36 different categories, which provides very good variety in both Life Quotes and Life Tips.

Apart from the book there is a smartphone App and a series of monthly videos. There is also a plan for a book 2 as there is more than enough material for a second book. Writing quotes is something I enjoy doing and is a natural thing for me to do. I am passionate about Self Improvement in all its various forms and just love to share all things positive in the world of Personal Development. Sharing what I have written is a pleasure and it is a good feeling when you find out that people have appreciated your words.

Inspiring and motivating people to at least improve their day or possibly inspire some people to greater and better things provides a writer with added desire to evolve and grow. The wonderful thing about Self Improvement is that it is self-perpetuating and helps to further propel creative thinking and development of more material. When people provide you with positive feedback you know that you must be doing something right. The positive comments give you the confidence that it is truly worthwhile to continue.

Finding your niche in life can be a long and challenging road in order to find the right direction. You must stay true to your cause in order to find yourself and your true heart’s desire. Thinking of and writing quotations is something that I seem to do naturally and it is a pleasure to share and in some small way motivate and help people to grow. Even enabling people to re – think a very tense situation and then choose a more positive path provides the writer with a wonderful feeling of having helped or improved a situation.

When on some occasions you can find the secret magic formula to unlock a person’s mind and provide that individual with the fuel to light they’re fire that is the best feeling in the world to think and say, “I know I helped make that person’s day.” Its definitely a fantastic feeling to provide inspiration and together you make that connection that has such an ecstatic feeling of mutual respect and the shared knowledge that between you, you have connected at exactly the right frequency to make such a difference in such a major way.

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The joy of helping people and enabling each other to grow more is an amazing thing. Contributing to each other’s mutual success is a special benefit that breathes more life into each other. For those who instinctively welcome such personal growth they embrace and ultimately thrive on positive vibes and the quotes just motivate each other even more. Personal Development growth in all its various forms provides us with a unique natural medicine to thrive and grow mentally and physically.

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Front Cover Book: 400 Inspirational ‘Make My Day’ Life Quotations and LifeTips

This is the cover of my new book which has just been published featuring 400 Life Quotes and Life Tips. The book also features 37 high resolution images which match the Categories of the book. Every book sold is supplied with a free smartphone app and a series of monthly videos. The videos include a minimum of 30 images together with words and music.


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Inspiring Life Quotes that Impact Your Day

The thought of a quote in the mind is the generation of an idea that is transformed into words by a writer seeking to provide inspiration to as many people as possible. Positive thoughts expressed are always there to potentially inspire you for a time that could last indefinitely. Powerful words will frequently guide you when you most need help. On other occasions quotes will inspire you to greater and better things. There are also times when quotations influence your direction and ultimate destination in life.

A quote is a moment in time that sometimes captures an impression that lasts forever. The writer will also sometimes influence generations of people. The mind of one person will on some occasions tune into the precise frequency that most self improvement people relate to. For a brief flash in time people are connecting one to one synchronised in thought and beauty of mind. They are in parallel worlds that collide and become one planet.

The reader of a special quote is often a fan that collects quotes and later uses them when the need most arises. A magical quotation has an appeal that transcends time and goes on to impact millions of people throughout the world. There are countries where the people are generally more optimistic and those are the places where quotes have a more dynamic effect. Having the impact of making somebody stop to think, to smile, be happy for a moment in time or potentially influence a decision provides the author with greater satisfaction of thought and mind.

Providing and delivering quotations could be a now and happening event. However the best thing is that the event could be now or alternatively another time. Quotes are effectively timeless and have no specific set moment in time. They transcend decades and even centuries when the power of the written word is delivered in a way that makes many people take notice and will be eternally impressed by the power of influential quotes. Having the chance to enlighten people, brighten their day and bring a spark of happiness into the lives of many is an opportunity not to be missed.

When you both have the feeling and the knowledge that people are definitely responding to your written words, are inspired by your quotes then it provides you with more enthusiasm and desire to go on. Having the encouragement of ‘like minded’ people gives you the fuel for your engine to drive on for thousands of miles. It is the honour of the author to be in a position to help people in some small way that could in fact have a major impact on some people’s lives. But equally by providing inspiration the writer is greatly inspired by positive reviews, testimonials and any compliments that will come his or her way.

You only have one chance to make a lasting impression with a quotation, so you’d better make it happen now or never at all. Many people have been deeply affected by events in their lives so they need a release from whatever it is that has been troubling them so the author of inspiring quotes has that unique opportunity to unlock those negative emotions or very sad thoughts once and for all. As in all cases now is the time and not tomorrow. You have just one chance to make a difference in the lives of many and quotations paint the picture that creates the masterpiece.

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