Instinctively Reacting to Your Intuition…

Without doubt your Intuition deserves your immediate undivided attention. Frequently we are aware of an Intuitive thought or impulse to do something specific. More often than not people will ignore it as an irrelevant passing thought. For the most part you have but a microsecond to grasp a clear passing opportunity to gain knowledge or take supreme advantage of a golden moment in time. Your Intuition should always be listened to 100% of the time.

On many occasions we get these unique messages and it can be a major loss to ignore the message. When we receive these Instinctive messages we need to react instinctively without delayed thought or hesitation. Its almost like we need to train ourselves to take immediate action. I think in that respect training would better prepare us to take the chance when this brief microscopic thought is presented.

The source and origin of the word Intuition comes from the Latin word “intueri”.

Many times our lives can often unknowingly suffer at the lack of response to at least some of those amazing instinctive flashes of intuitive brilliance. How many times have you ignored your intuition and then looked back with regret when it was too late? Most of us have been there. Now there are an increasing number of people who are practicing the art of taking immediate action when intuitive messages are received. Ultimately you have to be razor sharp to take maximum advantage of the most vital of those Intuitive messages. But the outcome and result is so worthwhile…

Ask yourself the question as to whether you are training your mind to react within a microsecond? It’s a fact that people miss out on so many wonderful things in life by failing to heed either that spark of a positive message or a warning. This is definitely something that we all need to take action on. We miss out on life-changing ideas by failing to take action in that micro moment. Before you know it somebody else has implemented that exact same intuitive thought.

The answer and the clear way to go are with a positive impulsive response. Your lightning response and reaction is ultimately what is required. When someone suddenly makes you a generous offer – how do you react? Do you stop and think, question and wonder why or do you respond to a generous offer positively and instinctively.

Intuition is a definite ‘right brain’ activity while mathematical problem solving is a ‘left brain’ activity. The clear reliability of you’re instinctive mind is said to be based on various past experiences. Now with that in mind if you have a particular experience in a given area then relying on those ‘unique special messages’ should be virtually automatic. You have the very “experience” required. You are the sole owner of you’re very own powerful brain. It’s definitely only you who can make maximum use of you’re wonderful intuition.

Look to personally learn by training your mind, become more familiar with how the intuitive process works, you will then through training, experience and understanding be better able to cope and benefit when your Intuition suddenly next comes calling.

Our superb brain is a fantastic resource and has infinite capacity. We all should more readily acknowledge the truly remarkable power of our mind and look to instinctively accept more of the intuitive thoughts that often rise to the surface of our mind. By appreciating more and priming ourselves to be more instinctive in accepting intuitive suggestions this could go far in making massive progress on our own chosen road through life.

Learn to trust your intuition, as you never know where it will take or guide you. Remember it may very well take you on a journey to the very top in your career, be of great benefit to your family or even save the life of a fellow human being. Ultimately your instinctive reaction will have made all the difference when it mattered most…

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Which Mind Mode is Best for Learning?

So the question is which Brain mode is best for learning – Alpha or Theta? In case you didn’t know the Brain operates on 4 main different levels (some people say 5). The main 4 levels are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta (+Gamma).

While Beta is our normal wakening state and Delta is purely associated with deep sleep the other 2 states are related to dreaming, creativity, ingenuity, learning and lucid dreams.

Originally it was thought that the Mind performs best at Alpha level however some very distinguished authorities on the workings of the Brain, including leading academics and scientists have determined that the mind indeed performs best at Theta level.

Your learning capacity has the potential to greatly increase given the right conditions and atmosphere. The music or sounds (ideally baroque or binaural beats for example) combined with words enables the left and right hemispheres of your brain to harmonise. The individual’s capacity to learn is dramatically increased.

When you and your mind are relaxed and in a semi conscious state the endorphins within you rise. You feel at one with the world and you are in a very peaceful state. This state is also very good for your mind and body in a healing sense. Whenever you experience warm sensations or a warm glow it is a magical feeling. This state of mind enables you to potentially absorb an exceptional amount of information.

In Alpha mode you are one level below your normal state i.e. Beta, however with Theta you are 2 levels below and the brain waves are operating at a much lower frequency. However this state has been virtually established as the best mode as the brain seems to be more receptive for total learning without any barriers or challenges.

This is an incredibly advantageous situation for advanced accelerated learning and naturally increasing the power of your brain. The existing available capacity of your virtually infinite mind can now be more effectively utilised on a more consistent regular basis. Your brain undoubtedly has awesome power and phenomenal potential.

Millions of people the world over leave this world with ‘their music still in them’ and use less than 10% of their total brain capacity in their entire lifetime. Be one of the few and use more than 10% – you only have so much time left to do it…… Start and make progress while you still have the time especially knowing what you additionally know now… Engage your Brain pro actively on a regular daily basis and stimulate the Brain’s cognitive abilities and development wherever possible.

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Strategies That Help Improve Your Personal Life

Setting up strategies to improve your personal life is only one step to achieve your goals. You have to create plans, goals and take the steps to follow through. Once you have your details gathered, you can then start to set up strategies.

How to plan long-term strategies: Strategies are approaches we take to reach our plans. Our line of attack determines what comes of these plans and goals. When you create long-term goals, you have to provide descriptions, which leads up to using strategies to achieve.

You also have to state what goals you intend to achieve when you create your plans and set the strategies to achieve them. Keep in mind that goals are changes you are willing to make to accomplish something. The goals should be translated so that it develops into a real action. When you take action, you are working toward the next step to recall your measurements, values, and the difference between each. This helps you to stay in accord with your goals and plans.

Sometimes you have to work backwards to accomplish your goals. There are also times you have to step back to view your goals, making sure that your strategies are working in accord with your actions. When you see that your actions are not working in accord, this is when you want to step back and say, I need to make changes. You will change your strategies to work in harmony with your goals.

You should already have your plans written down on paper. If you haven’t started now is the time to write your plans. Once you have your plans down you can boost your energies so that you have the willingness to act out on your plans. However if your plan is lacking in some areas, do not worry. Take it one step at a time and act on the plans you have written down. You can add to your plans later.

How to start planning: If you haven’t started the process of planning, speak. Just start talking about what you want to accomplish in your life. Once you begin, speaking you will develop new ideas, which you can write down on paper. During your self-talk arrangement, be sure to take notes. Remembering specific details is a way to recall what you want to do. Some of us fail to take notes, which is when information drifts away. Instead of adding fire to fire, throw some water on the flames and register your plans with paper.

How to write long-term goals: You want to write your long-term goals focusing on your short-term goals first. Your short-term goals should work in harmony with your long-term goals. You can write a daily schedule that builds up to our plans and goals. For example, this week on Monday through Sunday I intend to do: Write down each day what you intend to accomplish on your calendar or schedule. In your plan or calendar note the things, you intend to make essential first. Then work towards taking down your tasks. For instance, on Tuesday start working through the large jobs first and break down to the simple tasks as you move along.

On the third day, write yourself an intention declaration. Use 3×5 note cards to tell you what you intend to do. Once you finish, your duties offer yourself a reward each time you accomplish your intentions. Next tell your friends and family what you intend to do for your future. Ask your friends and family if they can give you a hand from time to time when they see you failing. Tell your friends and family to offer you a pat on the back, or some reward for each time you accomplish your plans and goals.

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